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CHINA’S AID AND ‘SOFT POWER’ IN AFRICA by T.L.Deych, Dr.Sc. (History), Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); А.Е.Serikkaliyeva, PhD (Political Sciences), al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Keywords: soft power, human resources, education, people-to-people exchange, training professionals, scientific researches, healthcare cooperation
“Soft power” is traditional for China, but it is changing as a result of beginning of the “going abroad” policy. One of China’s African policy goals is forming of African elites, oriented toward South-to-South cooperation. African education and healthcare are in focus of Beijing attention. Chinese universities have offices in 22 African countries; the number of scholarships for African students is growing. Beijing created 46 Confucius Institutes in Africa. Programs of scientific exchanges and common research projects are extending. To assist the development of human resources the African Talents Program, aimed at training of professionals in various fields, is developing.
China participated actively in fight against Ebola in many African countries. The Action Plan (2016-2018) adopted in Johannesburg in December 2015 foresees cooperation between hospitals of China and Africa (20 from each side), training medicine specialists, building of African Union Disease Control Centre and regional medical centers. Active cultural exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and African media are also taking place.