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SYRIAN TRAGEDY. THE BIRTH OF MONSTERS. Part 2 by Alexey M. VASILIEV, academician, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Honorary President, Institute for African Studies (RAS); Chair, African and Arab Studies, People's Friendship University of Russia (PFUR); Editor-in-Chief, "Asia and Africa today" journal
The civil war in Syria was not limited to the struggle of armed internal opposition with the regime and actions of fanatical terrorist groups. Many regional actors intervened directly or indirectly into the war. Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia stood on the side of the opposition, and sometimes de facto even on the side of IGIL and An-Nusra. The regime received the support of Iran, the Shiite militias from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. In Syria, there was a «war through intermediaries» (proxy war) on a regional scale. The author gives facts reflecting the specifics of this particular regional war.

Keywords: Syrian civil war, Regional actors, allies and opponents of the Baathist regime in Syria.