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Top Problem

INFORMATION WARFARE BETWEEN THE U.S. AND THE ISIL IN SOCIAL MEDIA: WHO IS WINNING? by N.A.Tsvetkova, Dr.Sc. (History), St. Petersburg State University
Keywords: propaganda, public diplomacy, Internet, digital diplomacy, USA, ISIL
The paper discusses the information war unfolded between the United States and the ISIL (terrorist organization forbidden in Russia) during the period of
2013-2016. The ISIL attracted a lot of followers and recruited new members from Europe via social media. Eliminating the accounts of the ISIL and its followers within Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Washington has just started winning the jihadist messages. However, this approach will not bring an eventual victory over the ISIL’s propaganda. The alternative social media available around the world and uncontrolled by the United States encourage the ISIL in disseminating its messages in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and etc.