"Asia and Africa today"
- is a scientificl monthly journal (in Russian)
of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Included in Russian Science Citation Index on
WoS platform, and EBSCO Publishing.
ISSN 0321-5075
Published since July 1957.


for publication in the "Aziya i Afrika segodnya" journal

A manuscript is to be prepared according to the following requirements:

         - author’s (s’) contacts (phone number; E-mail address);

         - title (no more than 5 words/phrases);

         - author’s (s’) surname and initials (for example, I.I. Ivanov);

         - academicdegree [Dr. Sc. (History; etc.); PhD (…)]

         - author’s (s’) place of employment (Post-graduate student states his/her university/institute);

         - keywords. Up to 6 key words/phrases, font size – 11;

         - text.

Articles, particularly economic, should be accompanied by tables/charts/graphs.


Article - Font – Times New Roman.

         - Line spacing – 1,5 (one-and-a-half).

         - The font size – 12.  

         - Article volume - no more than 40.000 characters, including footnotes.

             For Post-graduate student - no more than 30.000 characters.

Articles (in .Doc or .Docx. format) are sent with page numbering and indicating the number of printed characters.  

     Authors are asked to check files for viruses.